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Different Ways To Unblock The Drains In Your Workplace

You often find in the workplace that employees are not as careful with what they put down sinks as they are at home. As a result, it is much more likely to get blockages in your sinks and drains than at home, and you will need to find an effective way to deal with these and unblock them. There are various ways you can deal with blockages yourself, and depending on the cause, you may not need to go to the expense of getting a plumber. Below are a few ways you can consider trying to get your sink draining correctly again without having to spend too much money.

Try Using Boiling Water On Your Drains

You may find that you can pour lots of boiling water down your drains, which can help unblock them, depending on what is causing the blockage. If a build-up of fats or oils causes the backup, the boiling water can help melt these and remove the blockage, so your sinks drain freely. It will not work on all types of jams, but there are other things you can try that can clear the blockage from your sinks and drains.

Try Off-The-Shelf Unblocking Solutions

When you search online, you can find that there are many different drain unblockers you can use that are made for commercial use rather than domestic. You will want to look for a quality commercial drain unblocker to help you free your clogged drains, and you can choose from plenty of options. Many of these drain unblockers contain potentially harmful chemicals, so you will need to ensure that you follow the instructions precisely when using them on your drains. If you have tried some of these products and are still having issues, there are other things you can do to clear your drains.

Try Using A Drain Snake

You can also consider getting a drain snake which is an inexpensive tool that you can use to clear blockages from sinks and pipes. You can pick these up at many DIY stores and online retailers, and you can click here to get detailed instructions on how to use them correctly. You will need to be careful when using a drain snake as you can sometimes cause damage to your pipes, which you will need to get repaired by an experienced and qualified plumber. If you are still having issues with your sinks and drains, as a last resort, you may need to call a plumber.

Call In A Plumber

If everything you have tried fails to clear the blockage, as a last resort, you will need to call in a local plumber to fix the problem for you. While they are there, they can inspect your pipes using CCTV cameras and see what is causing the blockage so you can help prevent it from happening again. Although t is the most expensive option, an experienced plumber can fix the issue quickly and give you lots of advice to help prevent the situation from happening again.

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